How Do Law Firms Work?

For most of us, the law is a relatively distant topic. Sure, all of our actions are held to the scrutiny of the law, but going to court or facing a lawsuit is not a common sight. As such it’s common for people to have some degree of fear and doubt when it comes to law processes and even lawyers themselves.

So today we’d like to clear up some common misconceptions and fears when it comes to the world of law professionals, that way the next time you do need a lawyer you can make an informed choice and make the most out of your situation.

Why would I need a lawyer?

First thing first we need to answer the question of why would we need a lawyer in the first place. While fiction has led us to believe that lawyers are only needed by criminals or people framed for a crime they didn’t commit this is completely removed from the truth.

A lawyer is first and foremost an individual that is trained to understand the law and represent us in that complicated context. So yes, if you find yourself at the end of a lawsuit or a fine you would do good to hire one. However, lawyers can also start a legal process in your favor, for example, if you were unjustly terminated. Lawyers are ultimately a means to an end, and any legal process will need one regardless of what is actually at stake.

What is a law firm?

So now that we covered what is a lawyer and why you might need one let’s take a look at how to hire one. Another term you might have heard on TV and movies is a “law firm”, but what is this and how can you approach one?

A law firm is in simple terms a business group formed by multiple lawyers who all work together to solve cases and represent clients. This means that by contacting a single firm you have access to multiple professionals with unique backgrounds and different specializations. Ultimately more individuals mean more experience, and that’s a better service for you.

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