Dog Hotel – The Best Solution For You And Your Pet!

Dog hotels are ideal solutions if we travel often, or go to business meetings outside our city. While we would all love to take our furry pets with us wherever we go, some situations require us to separate from them. What is certain is that our pets cannot stay alone at home because they require walking, care, they need attention, but also fun! If you want the best solution for your pet, recommend luxury hotels for dogs. But why?

The goal of these hotels is to create identical conditions that your dog have in your home because that will make him feel most comfortable. Your pet will stay in an air-conditioned room with an antistatic floor, beds, and sound system. Entire rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. There is also a space for playing and socializing as well as a bathroom. As far as your pet’s safety is concerned, all rooms, indoor and outdoor spaces, are covered by video surveillance.

You can bring the food of your choice if your pet has a particular diet, or the hotel can take care of it. You can also simply ask the hotel staff if there is a possibility that your dog gets special treatment. Each apartment has natural daylight and fresh water.

If you agree with your dog, they can provide him with complete privacy and protect him from any harassment like a real star. Older dogs generally need to be close to dogs of a calmer temperament and character. Each dog gets individual attention, regular meals, clean water, time for walking, time to play with other dogs, even time for TV if your pet is used to it.

Your obligation is to submit documents and proves to the reception that your dog is completely healthy and has received the necessary vaccines. No fleas, no ticks, in one word, that the pet is completely healthy.

Upon the first arrival at the boarding house, it is desirable for the owner to bring the dog in person to make sure where his pet will be tucked away. Experience tells us that owners are much happier with this approach. Of course, if you are not able to bring your pet, they will arrange transportation, in agreement with you.

Puparazzi LA has a huge experience that allows them to freely say that the pets in the hotels dedicated for them are much calmer and it is much easier for them until their boss returns from the trip.