Advanced Dentistry for You at Saint-Hubert QC

Who would have ever imagined that our quiet community in Saint-Hubert QC would benefit from advanced dental services? Our teeth hygiene and maintenance never had it so good when the team of Avenue Sourire Dental Center decided to establish advanced clinics in the midst of this peaceful area.

As a welcome treat from our group of dentists who hail from Longueuil and decided to set up shop here, Avenue Sourire have offered the following dental services to local residents for a limited time. This is in cooperation with Invasalign, one of our suppliers. But appointment procedures should be observed :

  • Free consultation
  • Free 3D simulation and scans
  • Complete orthodontic examination
  • Aligners and retainers
  • Lingual wires
  • Free home whitening kit

This is only for a limited time, so avail of this incredible offer. The services offered, not too long ago, could only be availed when you have to travel to the bigger cities like Longueuil.

In addition, Avenue Sourire Dental Center vows to provide the following services on a continuous basis, Monday to Friday. Please set your appointments :

  • General Dentistry.Thorough oral health examination, cleaning, polishing, restoration and more.
  • Invisalign. Aligning teeth in a comfortable and virtually invisible way.
  • Implant. Putting in a prosthetic device into bone, in the area of a missing tooth, to provide support for a crown.
  • Root Canal Treatment. When the tooth suffers from irreversible inflammation and infection of the tissues inside the root canal, this procedure is executed to preserve the natural tooth.
  • Wisdom Teeth. They are our last teeth and when they erupt, they present complications, requiring their removal.
  • Conscious Sedation. We administer for you and your kids conscious sedation with nitrous oxide to reduce anxiety and stress associated with a dentist session.
  • Cosmetic Dental Care. Achieve that beautiful smile with ceramic veneers, teeth whitening and Invisalign tooth alignment.
  • Crowns and Bridges. A crown restores a single tooth while a bridge can replace one or more missing teeth.

When it comes to quality dental services, residents of Saint-Hubert and surrounding areas will be proud to say that they don’t have to travel far to have their teeth maintained.

Avenue Sourire Dental Center is located conveniently at 5100 Boulevard Cousineau, Suite 200, Saint-Hubert. Or if you prefer, you can contact us through (450)445-6161 or email us through Better still, set up your appointment online on

We open Monday to Wednesday 9 am to 8 pm; Thursday 8 am to 6 pm; and Friday 10 am to 5 pm.

See you around!… Read the rest

Why You Should Consider Using CBD Product like Cream

As the CBD industry continues to grow, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of CBD cream. And when it comes to pain relief, these topical creams are among the best way to get relief from soreness, skin rashes, inflammation and irritated skin.

The topical aspect is one of the biggest benefits. It allows users to avoid the typical “highs” that happens when ingesting or smoking cannabis products.

Most people don’t know it, but the use of topical cannabis has a long, effective history. It’s been used as part of many ointments, tinctures and salves, and the benefits extend across many cultures. These include ancient Egypt, Europe and many parts of Africa. CBD creams have been used for antiseptic and antibiotic purposes, as well as many forms of localized pain.

The common thread among these areas is a reliance on plant-based medicines to get natural relief. Modern medicine has largely departed from this kind of approach, but this is changing rapidly, and the laws are changing to accommodate the need for this kind of relief.

The conditions for which these creams can be used are far more extensive than most people realize. They include chronic pain, MS, migraines, menstrual cramps and a variety of mental issues, including PTSD and depression.

The products themselves are constantly being improved to address these specific needs. The creams should be liberally applied to the affected area, although smaller amounts should be used for both children and the elderly because their skin is usually naturally thinner.

The specific benefit of the creams is that they can be used to heal a given area, while salves and balms are typically used for small cuts. The oils tend to be more potent, and they’re often mixed with other herbs and oils to get a combined effect.

Regardless of the approach, one thing that’s undeniable is the growing popularity of topicals like CBD creams. Many people don’t want to smoke cannabis or ingest edibles, so these creams give them a better, more viable option.

Another thing that’s changing is the acceptance of these products by trained medical professionals. Many of these experts used to be skeptical about the benefits of CBD products, but studies are constantly emerging that make it harder and harder to doubt their benefits.

If you are going to try a CBD cream, it’s important to use an established product with verified ingredients. The list of highly rated products is grown daily, however, so its really not all that hard to find a great product.… Read the rest

Knowing How African America Nose Surgery Works

For many African Americans, rhinoplasty can be a sensitive subject. It’s one of the most personal procedures when it comes to facial alteration and plastic surgery, but thankfully much of the controversy that used to surround African American rhinoplasty has dissipated to the point where it’s now widely accepted.

How does it work, though? If you’re considering this kind of rhinoplasty, you need to know everything you can about it, from the procedure itself to how to find the right doctor to do it.

Appearance-wise, it’s all about balance and symmetry. The most common changes involve narrowing the nose, changing, and adding to the nasal structure, and addressing issues that involve width.

There are many possible changes that go with this kind of surgery. These include widening or lowering the bridge, thickening the skin, softening the cartilage, shortening the nasal tip, adding to the nasal flare, and adding variability to the shape of the nostril itself.

A comprehensive approach to African American rhinoplasty is best, and recovery must be addressed as well. It’s important to have a rapport with the doctor and to find someone with extensive experience in this kind of procedure.

When it comes to technique, the details depend on the surgeon, of course, but there are common elements. The nasal tip is typically an important element of the procedure, with the goal being to eliminate any excess fatty tissue. Both excision and augmentation may be involved, and cartilage definition is often addressed as well.

The nasal bridge is also often addressed during a rhinoplasty procedure. Many times the goal is to narrow the bridge to create facial symmetry, and cartilage grafts may be used.

There are potential complications to be aware of, though. Incisions must be closed carefully to avoid the formation of scars and keloid formation.

Postoperative edema is not uncommon, and this can last for months in some patients. In addition, there may be some asymmetry after the procedure, and reworking the nasal tip can lead to vascular issues that may have to be dealt with by using debulking as a secondary procedure.

There are also subtleties in this kind of procedure that must be carefully considered. As a group, African Americans can be divided into three groups—African, Afro-Indian, and Afro-Caucasian.

There are subtle differences in the facial features that must be understood by your doctor to have success, and there are many procedures, from dorsal augmentation to using cartilage techniques to refine the nasal tip to meet your needs and requirements. All of these things will play into the recovery, too, so be careful to ask the right questions when you find out about this kind of surgery and the care you’ll need when it’s finished.… Read the rest

When Should You Refinish Your Deck?

For most homeowners, a well-maintained deck is a valuable feature, and in the San Diego area, it’s especially valuable. The mild weather makes a deck a pleasure to use, but only if it’s properly maintained.

Which raises an important question: When should you do a San Diego deck restoration? It’s a simple question to answer, but you have to know what the important factors are and how to recognize them.

Start with the advice of the professionals. Most deck pros say you should refinish a deck every 2-3 years by applying a horizontal surface, which should keep it looking new and maintain the functionality of your deck.

It’s also important to do it right. You need to clean the deck surface thoroughly before doing the refinishing, and the surface must be allowed to dry completely as well. If you don’t the presence of mold and contaminants can ruin even the best refinishing job, and this can even lead to the need to replace the deck completely.

The need to refinish also varies greatly according to the wood or lumber. If your deck is made of pressure-treated wood, the finish should be allowed to dry for at least six months before applying a stain or treatment. The water test is applicable here—if you pour water on the deck and the water forms beads, the deck needs to dry more. If the water disappears quickly and soaks in easily, it’s ready to be stained.

Kiln-dried lumber doesn’t take quite as long. This kind of wood only needs a month or two before refinishing, so you can get the job done faster.

Green lumber is probably the most difficult surface to evaluate for refinishing. The yardstick for this kind of wood is one year of drying for each inch of thickness in the deck, and you should consider pressure washing and using a wood cleaner to remove any gray coloring.

For older decks, you need to look for signs of mold or mildew, especially if there’s some level of buildup. If the color of the stain is wearing off or the water no longer beads up, it’s time to consider a refinishing job.

One of the most important issues in refinishing is the need to consult a professional. Many DIY types think they can handle it on their own, only to discover that it’s more complicated than they expected. That’s just one of many reasons to get a pro if you’re considering a San Diego deck. restoration.… Read the rest

Dog Hotel – The Best Solution For You And Your Pet!

Dog hotels are ideal solutions if we travel often, or go to business meetings outside our city. While we would all love to take our furry pets with us wherever we go, some situations require us to separate from them. What is certain is that our pets cannot stay alone at home because they require walking, care, they need attention, but also fun! If you want the best solution for your pet, recommend luxury hotels for dogs. But why?

The goal of these hotels is to create identical conditions that your dog have in your home because that will make him feel most comfortable. Your pet will stay in an air-conditioned room with an antistatic floor, beds, and sound system. Entire rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. There is also a space for playing and socializing as well as a bathroom. As far as your pet’s safety is concerned, all rooms, indoor and outdoor spaces, are covered by video surveillance.

You can bring the food of your choice if your pet has a particular diet, or the hotel can take care of it. You can also simply ask the hotel staff if there is a possibility that your dog gets special treatment. Each apartment has natural daylight and fresh water.

If you agree with your dog, they can provide him with complete privacy and protect him from any harassment like a real star. Older dogs generally need to be close to dogs of a calmer temperament and character. Each dog gets individual attention, regular meals, clean water, time for walking, time to play with other dogs, even time for TV if your pet is used to it.

Your obligation is to submit documents and proves to the reception that your dog is completely healthy and has received the necessary vaccines. No fleas, no ticks, in one word, that the pet is completely healthy.

Upon the first arrival at the boarding house, it is desirable for the owner to bring the dog in person to make sure where his pet will be tucked away. Experience tells us that owners are much happier with this approach. Of course, if you are not able to bring your pet, they will arrange transportation, in agreement with you.

Puparazzi LA has a huge experience that allows them to freely say that the pets in the hotels dedicated for them are much calmer and it is much easier for them until their boss returns from the trip.… Read the rest

How CBD Energy Drink Can Improve Your Health

Asides from coffee and tea to give you the boost you need for the day, there also exists energy drinks. Unlike both coffee and tea, energy drinks have a higher amount of caffeine and they don’t contain milk for those who are lactose intolerant. Energy drinks are the best way you can boost your energy for the day, to accomplish whatever task you need. If it turns out that you need to pull an all-nighter to accomplish a lot of tasks for work or academics, this is where energy drinks are most effective. Energy drinks, specifically Gorilla Hemp Energy Drink. This immensely boosts your energy, with various of health benefits included. This will guarantee to keep you awake the entire day, compared to coffee keeping you awake for just a few hours. Energy drinks have a much higher caffeine content compared to that of coffee, which is why energy drinks will fuel you with more energy.

With Gorilla Hemp Energy Drinks, these are comprised of Vitamin B, which is capable of fighting off diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. These specific energy drinks also consist of Vitamin C, that’s known for boosting your immune system and making you strong and healthy. Unlike other energy drinks, this is one of the healthy ones that doesn’t just keep you healthy, but also boosts your energy for the day. There may be certain risks, but as long as you consumption of energy drinks are well-balanced, energy drinks are the refreshing drink you need to keep you fueled throughout the day. If you’re looking for your dose of productivity and motivation, Gorilla Hemp Energy Drinks are what you need. You may be unaware of this, but energy drinks also effectively improve your mood. Unlike coffee, you won’t feel exhausted for the second half of the day.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of Gorilla Hemp Energy drink, you can get yours at Energy drinks don’t always have to be unhealthy- sometimes, energy drinks can provide nutritional value, which is precisely the case for this. Rather than sticking to coffee, energy drinks will give you your needed energy boost for the day. It can be difficult to find motivation, and this energy drink will give you back the sense of motivation and drive you need. Through, you can fuel your body with energy and life to have a productive and fulfilling day ahead.… Read the rest

What To Expect When Getting Rhinoplasty

In recent years, rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) has gained increasing popularity, and not just because of the correction of this organ – this procedure can change the overall look of your face. However, My Face Surgeon recommends that you always choose an experienced and professional surgeon because otherwise there may be a need for re-intervention of the nose, that is, secondary rhinoplasty. Why?

Nasal shaping is an extremely complex surgical procedure, and there are as many as 25 sub-procedures that can be performed with the help of the patient’s wishes and possibilities. The most important procedures are:

  • Reducing rhinoplasty used to reduce the nose
  • Augmentation rhinoplasty to enlarge the nose
  • Ethnic-rhinoplasty with the help of which certain characteristics of the nose are emphasized
  • Posttraumatic rhinoplasty in injury cases
  • Revision rhinoplasty applied after previous nose surgery

Even the most professional surgeons cannot determine with 100% certainty what the final result will be like.

Why is new nose surgery sometimes necessary?

There are noses that are harder or easier to “fix”, so the reaction to this procedure is different. If the problem is of a more complex nature, each surgeon will have to perform additional surgery in order for the results to be in line with the wishes and goals. After the wound has healed due to the first surgery, a second operation follows, which corrects minor irregularities and determines the end contours of the nose. However, this is rarely necessary.

Another factor that has an impact is the thickness of the skin of the nose because a wound healing process depends on it. If the skin is thin, the chances are high that additional correction will be necessary.

In some people, the healing process does not take place quickly and well. Patience is essential here because the road to the end result can be much longer than expected. It usually takes up to several months “until come to its own”.

However, the most important thing is to choose a surgeon who will perform the first nose operation. My Face Surgeon advises you to choose a surgeon with rich experience, who has additionally improved in the field of rhinoplasty. Contact a surgeon, make an appointment, and consult with the surgeon about everything you are interested in regarding nose surgery. Every surgeon sometimes has to do a nose correction more than once, but why not avoid that discomfort when you already have the chance, right?… Read the rest

How To Search For A Certified Spinal Surgeon

If you are considering spinal surgery, you should know that it is an important medical procedure that can carry serious complications when it is performed by an unexpert doctor. For this reason, it is important that you perform good research and find a surgeon that will minimize the potential complications and ensure a high success rate. Here are the best tips to find a professional spinal surgeon.

The Doctor Should Provide you All the Information you Need

Spinal surgery is a complicated procedure so it is normal that you feel nervous about it and have many questions and doubts. You should find a doctor that is able to explain to you everything about your diagnosis and the surgery in simple terms, explain to you the difficulty and potential risks of the surgery, as well as the expected results and the recovery process. Apart from this, he should also provide you with other options if you ask for it. Don’t trust a doctor that isn’t willing to ask your questions and denies your right to know all the information about the procedure.

You should feel comfortable with your doctor and consider that he is choosing the best option for your personal needs.

Qualifications and Experiences

The spinal surgeon should have a specialization in neurosurgery and have experience performing the type of surgery that you will receive. Ask if he has performed that surgery before, ask how many times, what is the complication rate, or the infection rate. Ask for statistics of the success rate of that specific surgery, you can also ask if the surgeon has patients that are willing to share their experience. A spinal surgeon with experience will have a better technique that one who performs the surgery only occasionally.

Board Eligible

Look on the wall and see if there is certification. Search through the internet and find out if the surgeon is a member of a major spine organization, such as the North American Spine Society or American Board of Spine Surgeons. Check the credentials of your doctor on the state’s medical board website or in which is run by the federation of state medical boards. If the surgeon doesn’t have enough experience or credentials, it is best to check a second option.

It is important to educate yourself and find an experienced surgeon who is working to find the best procedure for your particular case and ensure the best results.… Read the rest

A Cosmetic Enhancement Can Improve Your Life

Several years ago, cosmetic surgery was considered to be exclusively a luxury, and only available to people with a lot of money. Fortunately, our society is learning more every day and is finally leaving behind that false perspective. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is already recognized for its real benefits, and how it can help people, if you are considering it at Dagan MD you can find the best doctors to help and guide you perfectly throughout the process. These are some cosmetic enhancement’s benefits:

Change of mentality

The first great benefit of cosmetic surgery is the positive mental change people have and the perception of themselves. It’s more common than you might think for people to feel depressed and insecure because of their appearance. This definitely affects their lives, and can slowly lead them to suffering from mental problems.

An insecure person with low self-esteem generally tends to become socially isolated because that bad perception of himself is what his environment perceives. However, with a cosmetic surgery that helps improve their appearance, the change of mentality is almost instantaneous, and the problems of depression and insecurity disappear as the person to look better begins to feel better about himself. This represents a great benefit for many people and is what often ends up being the decisive factor to undergo cosmetic surgery, the change of mentality.

Lasting effects

Another benefit to be highlighted from cosmetic surgery is that the changes or improvements are usually permanent. Therefore, that which you did not like very much about your appearance will not come back again. However, you must keep in mind that in order for the effects of the surgery to last longer and have better results, it is advisable to have healthy habits.

A very common problem that occurs with some people who undergo an abdominoplasty is that they intend to keep looking a beautiful abdomen forever without eating a healthy diet, so it’s recommended that you develop healthy habits, such as a balanced diet and regular exercise, in order to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery for a longer period of time.

Most people feel good about themselves, and consider that the results of a cosmetic surgery can be quite real, so they do not seek to have impossible results, but simply change that aspect of their appearance that they don’t like and that makes them feel bad. That is why a cosmetic surgery may not radically change some people’s lives but definitely will improve them, and the best choice to do it is Dagan MD.… Read the rest

Why You Should Get A College Consultant

When you are looking to enter a college, you will have many questions in your mind. You will search everywhere to find the answer but you are not aware of how to get answers for your college education. A lot of college students recommend hiring a college consultant. One might think why would I need them. Here are the 4 reasons why you need a college consultant and how they will give you benefits in starting your college education?


Hiring a college consultant like Ivy select might look an expensive option but the fact is, a good college consultant can save you a lot of money. They know better about the fees and ranking of the colleges. They will suggest you a good college with low fees so you will get your education in a better place and you will also save a lot of money.

Selection expertise

College consultants like to have a regular stream of students coming to them so they can get expert advice. A college consultant can guide you to a better path. He will personally check your qualities and where you want to be in the future and then he will suggest to you the college which you deserve.

Application handling

Submitting a well-organized college application is important for getting admission. A college consultant like Ivy select will fill your application details and they will guide you on how to add the required documentation so your chances of getting admission in college will increase. Writing a college admission essay is a really important task in getting admission in any college. It is really difficult to task if somebody has no experience in writing college admission essays. Hiring a college consultant will allow you to write the best admission essay because they will guide you in writing your essay in detail.

Knowing admission tricks

Many colleges have a quota system for the admission of students. College consultants know how to get you admitted to the college by using the quota system. There are some admission criteria like sports base admissions and for exceptional quality admission. Some colleges even have admission quota for people of a certain area or certain groups. A good college consultant like Ivy select can find exceptional ways of getting you admitted to the college even when according to you, you are not eligible. This is the power of knowing the details of college admissions.… Read the rest